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Quickly Boost Your Love Hormone

​Quickly boost your love hormone with a telephone call. A soothing voice trumps texts and emails every time, reducing stress hormones and boosting oxytocin. Science actualy bears out the fact that texts and emails fall far short, to the point of ineffectiveness, in reducing stress hormones and their impact.

Why do phone calls soothe us?

When you go through a tough experience or feel scared what is your initial choice of action? Do you react and get riled up? Do you jump up and down? Do you rant and rage? Or do you suck it up and hide how you actually feel?

Watch the video for advice that can disperse the tension, reduce the worry, and give you the confidence and calm to move ahead with your day.

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Responsibility OR Response Ability

What does responsibility mean? How do you act in a responsible manner? What are you responsible for? To whom are you responsible?

OR are you REALLY Response Able?

Click to find out the difference between being responsible and response able

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How Do You Handle A Crisis?

They call it a crisis because you do not expect what happened to happen to you!

So what do you do? Who do you become in a crisis situation? Does a previously unknown part of you jump into action? Do you hold back and wait for someone else to tell you what to do? Do you curl up into a ball of fear?

We've been talking about who you REALLY are. Well, a crisis reveals the REAL  you.

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The Happiness Myth

Happiness - it's a myth. Well, it is and it isn't.

You probably think that happiness is a personal feeling that each individual defines for himself or herself. Am I right? 

Do you have your own definition of what it means to be happy?

How do you know when you are actually happy? What does your world look like? Where are you? What do you do each day? Who is with you?

The fact is that happiness has one and only one definition.

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Gratitude in 2017???

​Gratitude in 2017? Are you wondering what to be grateful about when so very much really bad stuff happened - and continues to impact millions of us?  

I could list many of the issues currently changing our lives in a drastic ways. I could. But what would be the point?

What you focus on expands, yes? Why in the world would I talk about the bad stuff? Doing so would not serve me. It would not serve you either.

Instead do this and instantly change how you feel.

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