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Make Better Choices

Choose to make better choices.

Your life is not exactly how you dream it to be because of the choices you make..You make 35,000 choices every day - 95% of them living in your subconscious.

So what can you do to change your world and create the one you really want to live?

Watch this short video now.

So now you know what to do. If you need some guidance on how to actually do it, contact Ali.

interview ALi wisdom speaks 360

Interviewing Ali

You may not have listened to any interviews of Ali.

This is  a recent one that includes the video. Listen all the way through. There is a lot you do not know about Ali and why hundreds of thousands of people follow her work in print and videos.

In this show, Ali is interviewed by Nicole Borghi and Beverly Zeimet on the 360 Wisdom Speaks show.

Now that you know lots more about how Ali's expertise may assist you in clearing out your blocks to happiness, contact her to finally make those changes you know you really want to make and never worked before.

Ready? Take action for change NOW - but only IF you seriously want  your life to change.

Where Do Beliefs Come From

Beliefs – What Are They

Where do beliefs come from?

Do you ever stop and wonder what beliefs are, where they come from and how they impact your life - keeping you stuck, frustrated and in pain? That is, until you know what do instead.

I reveal all those answers in this video.

Ready to finally, once and for all, remove that uneasy feeling - you know, the one lurking inside every day keeping you from full out enjoying your life in each moment?

Work with Ali - get results that last.

smiling child

What Do You Want?

What do you want? Take a moment to respond. How did you phrase your desire and how do you feel about it now?

Watch the video.  Pay attention to how the information lands for you.

Share what you really and truly want with us. I will invite you to an "Ask Me Anything" Zoom call later this month.

magic is good and miracles are great

How To Create Magic and Miracles

Choose to create magic and  miracles in your life.

Everything in life is a choice – every big thing and every little thing. Ah , and remember that suffering is always optional. 

Creating the life of your dreams instead of the ho hum frustrations you live daily is not hard nor is it mysterious. In this video, Ali explains the difference between magic and miracles and how to create each one.

You get to choose how your life flows.

Only you choose your thoughts. Only you choose your feelings. Only you create the results you live in each moment.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Now you "get" how so many coaches and especially business consultants today and historically actually hurt people with advice that limited their possibilities.  Of course now you know how to do what works in your favor and to your delight.

Contact Ali to see how stem cell patches can let you InJoy! your life again – free from physical or emotional pain. This kind of miracle is priceless for people all across the globe. And, hey, it is all patented and backed by studies available online.

Why wouldn't you choose to live in the highest energy in existence?

I wish you love and joy.

To Do List

Replace Your To Do List

I bet you have a to do list. Yes?

Do you plan to check off EVERYTHING on that list any time soon? Probably not.

There is a different kind of list that lets you get more done. Best part is, you will also accomplish more with less stress in the process.

Discover the secret is in this one minute video.

I have a limited number of openings for a 1:1 call - just you and me -  that will move you forward on that new list and make sense out of the puzzles in your life. Contact me for a spot.

Act quick before they are all gone.

sparklers to thrive in life

Resolutions GUARANTEED To Manifest

To make resolutions guaranteed to manifest 100% of the time you need two things: a PMQ of 100 and an outcome for your own life

Simple, yes?

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Ali reading a book

Books: A Priceless Gift

Books are the priceless gift that open your mind and take you on journeys to places you dream about, and sometimes only you can imagine!

Books in the home influence intellectual growth in children whether or not parents read those books to them.

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appreciation -0 we all crave it words

Appreciation:We All Crave It

Appreciation feeds a human survival need. Every person deserves to know they matter to someone just because they exist.

Acknowledgment makes a difference.

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ALi holding Happiness Is sign

True Happiness Is…

​True happiness - it's what we want in life, yes? ​ ​We do things we may not like so we can earn the money and the time and get the energy to buy and do things that make us happy.

Only that definition of happiness totally misses the point.

​Circumstances are unrelated to happiness.​

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