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Reality Is…

Reality is defined by each person

Often it is really one’s past – the habits and daily routines. and beliefs replayed day by day by every ho-hum day.

How do you create your reality? Whose example do you follow and take on as your own?

Where does reality exist? Is it within, in our imagination, or is it an illusion like a dream?

What ever you r reality is today, you can chage it. YOu do that by first changing who you are. ONCe you have made that change then you relaity will easily change that you desire. The hardest part is that first step.

Who would you choose to become?

Expectations destroy your happiness

Expectations Destroy Your Happiness

Expectations set you up for failure. 

No matter where in your life you create expectations, the end result will always be disappointment, frustration, or anger.

What to do instead?

You have 35,000 chances to change every day. .

You have been stuck in life long enough. It is time to step in a new direction. Get your gift. Read and APPLY the simple steps. With consistency you will welcome a happier healthier world in your life  

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Your world only changes when you change how you live in each. moment!

Why Love Yourself

Why Loving Yourself Matters

Why does loving yourself allow you to create the healthiest, most successful life possible?

Ali explains that “Loving yourself first is not selfish. It is mandatory.”

In the words of Oscar Wilde, "Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”

Ready to discover the exact steps to how to love yourself? Contact Ali now!

Wearing Your Feelings

Stop wearing your feelings on your face.

How do you feel when you look at this pooch? Are you jumping up and down for joy OR do you feel kinda cruddy, down?

The fact is, without ever realizing it, your posture and facial expression broadcast how you feel about yourself and your life in each moment. More to the point, those features either attract others to you OR make them avoid you.

I am now filling a pilot study to show you How To Have Amazing Relationships. Interested? Contact me today. Space is very limited.

angry green face

Upset? What To Do.

Something happened and you feel upset.

What do you do now? You can choose to feel cruddy. You can choose to react. Which simply means grabbing a behavior out of your past that looks a bit like this situation - whether or not it truly is.

But wait! There is actually a way healthier way to respond that will not hurt you.Watch this short video for the solution that will leave you feeling better in minutes.

Events have no meaning in and of themselves. You assign your interpretation. Whatever you choose causes you to feel a certain way. Yes?

You can choose to feel happy OR you can choose to feel bad.

Dee Wallace wisdom


“The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.”

This is the statement of our world right now. Everyone judging everyone, without the facts to enlighten their choices. The highest "fact" that the channel has to say about this is: When people don't know, they doubt. When they are in doubt, they close their hearts in fear. When they close their hearts in fear, they exercise their power through force with bravado and yelling.
You don't have to be loud to be powerful. You don't have to be loud when you are truly in your knowing. But you do have to Know that you Know. And that leads you to Knowing the truth.

Yes, the above quote comes from Dee Wallace, one of my life role models. In episode 50 of Let's Get Metaphysical: Connecting Heart and Mind, I highly recommended visiting her website and getting on her email list to receive - right in your inbox -  daily wise quotes that get you thinking about how you live life in each moment.

When you do, notice how much more you smile each day - a thoughtful, ah-ha smile. And share your change in a comment below.

If you are new here. do listen to the show and go to Dee's site to get on her email list. You can look forward to every day pick-me-ups that awaken you from your hypnotic way of moving through each day.

Rob Moore thumbnail

This Renaissance Man Changes Lives

Rare, in today's world, is an individual so honoring of family, friends, students, and the energy running our lives.

Rob Moore impacts millions of lives every week as he  lovingly and respectfully shares his business know-how across social media and in his personal membership site at

Unlike many other business "gurus" Rob tells it like it is - how the world works. He is steeped in metaphysics, lessons from the ancient philosophers, and energy reality. In other words, he knows how the world works out of awareness and assists others - people of all ages - in opening their eyes and minds to the reality they may not not yet see and so are held back from happiness and success in all areas of well being.

I was privileged to interview him, frankly fulfilling one of my dreams. Reading his books and following his podcasts and teachings across the internet, I clearly see Rob as my role model not just for building a business but for a way to participate fully in life.

Listen to this chat through to the end to catch every tidbit and you will change your life - starting now.

3:41 Invisible forces drive your behavior and decisions

  • 5:21 We are all one. We are interconnected.
  • 6:32 As a species we need each other to survive
  • 8:12 Everything is energy that we can’t see but that doesn’t mean it is not there8:12 8:46 The Unified Field Theory says the past, present and future all exists spontaneously. When you tap into it you pull out a present or future moment.10:35 Maybe time isn’t linear
  • 14:41 Money is a Universal exchange of value. A way to exchange energy more quickly and more globally.
  • Money increases the speed of the energy transfer and reduces friction of the transfer.
  • 16:32 Creating energy could be vibrating at a higher frequency, be really good at pitching, enthusiasm or passion for a product or service, fair exchange, removing friction to buy
  • 18:01 Don’t complain about billionaires - ask yourself, “How can I earn more money?” BE the change you wish to see.
  • 20:45 Retirement is not stopping work. It is moving on to something else, leaving behind what you were doing
  • Retirement is out with the old and in with the new
  • 22:23 Rob is committed to helping people start and scale their business and getting better at financial knowledge
  • 26:52 You spend your life people pleasing and then you can’t please yourself
  • 27:03 You never regret the things you try. You only regret the things you didn’t try.

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How and Why

Do you ever wonder why I do what I do the way I do it? 

Read on - and be sure you read all the way through to the end to find answers missing in your own life.

While working in crisis care as a psychotherapist in 1996, a very dangerous client attacked me leaving me with a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that forced me to go within.

The gift?

I always look for the gift in any situation. In fact, the psychologist at the brain rehab center told me that the only people he saw heal from TBIs were those who, like me, looked for and found the gift in the injury and all the life-changing aftermath.

I shared my story - which includes my healing - no, I did not get to be how and who I was before the event. Healing is accepting where you are in the present and moving forward from there.

Interestingly, as I shared what I discovered with others who felt stuck in many areas of life, I developed a fan base without even realizing it. People sought all kinds of advice to create their own healing. I saw the need for a regular system to communicate with all of them.

I announced my new newsletter, Getting Unstuck, and 100 people immediately signed up and started reading it - and asking me questions to which I replied. I created products to meet their needs and did many teleconference calls. Back then we did phone conferencing. There was no Zoom.

As you will soon learn - either by watching the video or listening to the audio, this episode of my podcast. Let's Get Metaphysical: Connecting Heart and Mind, describes, in detail, what happened for me (nothing happens to us but rather for us), specifically how the Universe contrived to move me out of the world that did not make sense to me and into one of service far more powerful than anything I learned in college and beyond studying and doing talk therapy for many decades.

I had ignored the whispers of the Universe so it got louder and louder until finally it yelled at me and took me out of that world kinda kicking and screaming - so to speak. As you will discover in this episode, I had no alternative but to go within. Doing so allowed me to discover who I really am. Ultimately that adventure led to my learning how to communicate directly with my Spirit, Guides, Angels AND the Universe.

I know, without doubt, I could not have healed without finding the world of energy practitioners. The sixteen mainstream medical people I saw (the workplace really did not want to lose my services and got me into see people including those with 3 month long waiting lists - only they rushed me in). Not one of them had anything to offer. 

They told me it was all in my head  - either indicating my brain was swollen and injured and they had no clue how to help OR they told me I was imagining my symptoms.

So you know, the nurse in charge of my case, after three long years of suffering, finally found the test that none of the experts ever ran when making their pronouncements of doom stated as, "This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it." That single test showed the part of my brain where the injury was still apparent and finally a protocol and specialist outside of mainstream medicine, became part of my routine.

However, what the developmental optometrist did showed some improvement and lots of hope as he knew what was wrong and how to help, but his program took forever to actually make a difference.

Thankfully, the UnIverse presented me with my intended (without my knowledge) soon to become my new field of expertise - energy healing. In this arena I would flourish first with my own healing and then by working with hundreds of people who also found no help in mainstream medicine.

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expect accet thumbs up

Expect and Accept

Your reality reflects the expectations you have of people and events AND also what you accept as possible in your world. What can you do about that to make your life flow the way you want it to instead of staying stuck and unhappy?

This video has your solution.

Need some help getting there? Grab my super special deal before I return  the price to what it originally was.

Many maps for guidance

The Guidance in Your Life

Do you think your life would be so much easier if you had maps to guide your every move?

Truth is - you do.

You can learn to recognize each message coming to you non-stop. This video shows you exactly how to get started creating the habit of hearing, seeing, and feeling what you miss because you have no clue those messages exist.

How will your life be different when you know how to recognize the messages and heed the advice which is always, always, always in your highest and best interest?

Leave a comment and tell us what your are going to do differently today now that you discovered the secret that lets you stop guessing and act with certainty!

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