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Air and Water Filters: Why You NEED Them

Air and water filters can make the difference between health and discomforts and diseases when you buy those that actually work to clean your environment.

If you think you save money by not using either filter you are fooling yourself and hurting those who depend on you to protect them

When you choose not to invest in your well being  the alternative system may come at an unfathomable price.


Even though I have been using filters for decades I missed a new toxin in my environment. The result? Nasty scary health challenges

I describe the whole thing in the video. Take the time to discover what you are likely missing in your own healthcare regime.

Recommended air filters:

Get detailed health info here - for short and long term symptoms and diseases as well as great choices in filters:

This is the filter I recommend:

more expert recommended systems at

I recommend ONLY Nikken Water Filters at this time. Watch the video to learn why. 

Questions and ordering information ​here.

Water and hydration are key to. my healthcare practice. To discover the reason healthy safe water means the difference between well being and settling for less that great health go here. The dropdown menu offers many insights.

About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali Bierman has been a relationship expert most of her life. As a wife of 32 years, mother, psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, ordained metaphysical minister, author, teacher, family member and friend, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Change happens instantly in Ali's world. What takes a long time, and maybe never happens for some people, is getting ready to change.

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