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smiling girl and boy


Feeling happy? 

No one and nothing outside of you can make you feel happy. Know why?  This short video tells all.

Right now, how do you feel? Happy? If not, now you know what to do to move into happiness.

So, what is your next step right now? Share it with us AND with two friends. The more happiness we spread the calmer and more loving all life becomes.

BElieve you can

You CAN when You KNOW You Can

You, and only you, know what you are capable of doing, and who you are capable of becoming in your own life.  

Others, in the guise of helping you, actually work to keep you limited, stuck, and in need of their services or product.

Tell us what you KNOW you can do that you have not yet done because someone else has been telling you, "You can't!" Share with us in a comment so we can support and congratulate you on stepping into your own power!!!

be;iefs are not true

TRUTH With a Capital T

Beliefs are stories you tell yourself repeatedly

Beliefs are not true. How, then, do you discover the Truth of who you are and why you are you?

Share one thing you believed to be true and now know is a story you have been telling yourself for so long you think it is fact. Or rather you used to think it was fact and now know how to find what is TRUE for you.

You alone create your reality. choose Truth.

what you resist persists image

What You Resist Persists

Wondering why you feel the same way day after day after day?

You tell yourself to think different thoughts so you can experience different feels. But nothing changes.

How come you stay stuck? 

Your thoughts keep you in your head - your mind and your brain. When you come from your head instead of your heart making life changes is no way possible!

To change your reality you MUST start in your heart. Once you have coherence in your heart you connect to the knowing Universe. And that step allows you to then move into your brain mind. Once ou create coherence between heart and mind you are ready to take the next defining steps you can nofollow in the video.

Ready to live the life you really want - the one in your heart? Begin with downloading and reading AND APPLYING what you'll discover in my very special gift. Then come back here and let me know what change you made so together we can moveyout other next step.

thoughts feelings actions

Thoughts Feelings Actions – Whose Are They?

Your thoughts create your feelings which then create your actions OR inaction depending on your BS.

Do you know the difference between your own thoughts and the ego mind that controls your world - out of your awareness? Its purpose is to keep you safe by not allowing you to change, by not allowing you direct access to your thoughts and feelings.

Ready to make the changes leading to freedom all across your life?

 Contact Ali NOW.

Lisa Tenney energy Magic

It’s Magic – or Is It?

Healing energy is invisible -
as are most forms of energy.

You may or may not feel it happening within. Personally, when I work on a client I hear the energy rumble through their solar plexus - the body's energy center. And when someone runs energy on me I hear that same rumbling which is how I know the power of the energy practitioner. If no energy flows - no sound!

When Lisa ran energy on me all kinds of wonderful things happened. It felt like magic to me as I had been working on me, as had others, for many many months to no avail. Well, not creating my desired outcome while still healing all kinds of other stuff within me.

We enjoyed a fun chat about some "not-your-ordinary" experiences in this interview.

Tell us what kind of experiences you have kept secret so no one would think you are a bit whacked out. 

I certainly had a lifetime of them. Fortunately so many people now have a conscious awareness of their body-mind-spirit that we can now talk openly without getting odd looks-well, except, perhaps, from people who have no clue about how the world actually works.


Change vs No Change

Do you like change?
OR do you prefer no change in your life?

Is your comfort zone really a comfortable place to live? I mean really - do you like living the same old same old every day and fear the unknown?

I prefer jumping into new possibilities and you can only do that by changing your world.

Isn't it time to break free from the prison in which you've survived but never thrived?

Connecting puzzle [pieces

Wrestling, Akashic Records, Clairaudience – What Do They Have In Common?

Ever get confused by where life takes you?

I used to call them detours on my life journey. I really did not see how one thing connected to another - of course it can be years before that clarity comes as you learn from each detour. Well, if you do learn.

You won't feel quite so lost or even that your life makes no sense once you watch this video...

What did you think about and piece together from seemingly unconnected life experiences for you? Let us know. Maybe your share will spark an ah ha moment for someone else!

perspective driving a mountain road

Life Perspectives Matter

Remember these lyrics from a song in the show Sweet Charity.

Where am I going?
What will I find?
What's in this grab bag
             that I call my mind?

What am I doing
alone on the shelf?
Ain't it a shame but
there's no one to blame
      but myself.

Do you ever feel like that? All mixed up inside? Confused?

What if you choose to explore your life, to see the different perspectives driving your choices and ultimately how your life looks every day?

Jane Freund and I explored LOTS of life's quandries. The neat thing is, we each placed unique spins on the topics - even when we came from a similar place.

See what I mean in this interview...

Enter your text here...

Now how do you feel? Any eye-opening thoughts or a change in your own perspective.?Let us know.

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heart vs brain

Heart NOT MInd

How does the heart - brain/mind - body connection really work?

Your heart has the knowing of the Universe. ONLY by coming from your heart can you create the life of your dreams. 

Want to know more about affirmations? See the link in the video or read this post.

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