Who Is Ali

Hi. I am Ali Bierman . Thanks for stopping by to know more about me and how I can assist you in building Your Relationship Intelligence.

Your relationships determine the state of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. What you don't know you don't know about relationships causes the unhappiness, less than optimal health, and limited success in your life.

I show you how to uncover all the mess that keeps you stuck in unhappy relationships, work that is less than satisfying, and health that keeps you from doing all the activities you used to do so easily.

In other words, by learning about and increasing Your Relationship Intelligence you will finally live the life you dream about.

How do I do that?

I have always thought outside-the-box. My thoughts, techniques, and lessons are consistently decades ahead of mainstream - which is why I get results when others fail.

I know a lot about you that you probably don’t know yourself. I use what I synthesized in my life experiences as a wife for 32 years, parent, psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, metaphysical minister, best selling author, teacher, family member and friend.

Whoa! That’s a lot of knowing to have, don’t you think?

Well, as a life long learner I continue to grow so you get to benefit from the newest information and techniques that I continue to add to my tool box.

Hey, when the only tool in your box is a hammer the whole world starts to look like a nail, yes? Well, let’s say I have a two-tiered very full toolbox that works for lots of different kinds of people living lots of different kinds of relationships.

Quick summation of my services:

  1. I use Energy Diagnostics and Treatment to quickly remove the emotional piece of any experience while retaining the factual memories of the event. A 65 year old woman ended her lifetime claustophbia in 48 minutes.
  2. I run simple energy combining Reiki and Amanahuna and offer magnetic massage that actually revived the non-functioning side of a stroke victim in under 1 hour.
  3. I do full-out energy work that reveals and releases the total history of the emotional blocks (that exist out of conscious awareness) starting at birth continuing into the present.

How I Work and Why I get Results Others Cannot Achieve

How do I do what I do that is so different from what others do? And why do I get amazing results from the very first session? I never guess. I go directly to the source of the issue and bypass the conscious mind that wants to maintain control over your life. Ah – and keeps you stuck.

Part 1 – What is different about how I work: what you don’t know you don’t know that prevents your healing:

Details of my full-on major life-altering work:

If you see a chiropractor and cannot figure out why it is taking so long to heal you probably do not know that your atlas is out of alignment. What is your atlas? It is the top cervical vertebra. Actually, it is a ring and its job is keeping your head on straight. When your atlas goes out of alignment (which happens easily) your spine has to go out creating multiple subluxations to get your head back on straight.

Confused? Watch this video to understand why your atlas position impacts every nerve traveling from your brain to your spinal cord telling your body how to function.