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man with a secret

Secrets You Should Never Keep Secret

The Universe does NOT gift you healing to keep it to yourself.

When you are gifted with something that changes your world, especially the dramatic life-altering modalities, it is your duty to share those gifts so others may also grow in total wellness.

Life is about community, about sharing. Life is about love and joy. When you come from your heart, love and joy naturally flow.

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Choose Happy

Happiness is a choice you make in each moment....

No one tells you to be happy. AND no one makes you unhappy. Stop blaming others for how you choose to view the world.

It's all about you. Everything in life is really all about you....

Once you remove the blocks and blinders  YOU set up so happiness seems to elude you - oh my gosh you will feel like you are flying! Well, that is how I experience happiness - regardless of what is going on in my life.

How To Be Happy Right Now

I enjoy the reputation of being the  Happiness Expert. 

Today, I am going to tell you how you can become the expert on happiness for yourself.

When you take the very specific steps taught in this video you will know how to turn any unhappy, frustrating or angry moment into one of feeling happy. And you can do it instantly! 


True happiness is possible and desirable but you cannot get there by seeking it outside yourself. You cannot add anything to get there.

wisdom share: malpractice

Is It Malpractice Living This Way?

You know you have tools to stop someone's pain yet you offer no help.

Have you committed a crime against your fellow man? Could you go so far as to call that lack of empathy or sharing malpractice? Watch the video to see how you can change lives - or not - depending on the choices you make.

Remember that what goes around comes around.

There is only ONE energy that creates everything and every person in existence. Everything - us too - is that single energy. Therefore, when you hurt another person, you ultimately hurt yourself.

Contact Ali to explore all about stem cells and how they can make a difference in your life or in somebody’s life who you care about.

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smiling child

What Do You Want?

What do you want? Take a moment to respond. How did you phrase your desire and how do you feel about it now?

Watch the video.  Pay attention to how the information lands for you.

Share what you really and truly want with us. I will invite you to an "Ask Me Anything" Zoom call later this month.

hurts help you grow and change

How To Change Your Past

You stay stuck in life, blaming other people and events for what is wrong or missing in your world.

What if what you think hurts you actually serves you  allowing you to grow in freedom, peace, and happiness? Watch the video to find why no one does anything to you. They do everything for you.

What action will you take today, starting right now to leave behind all the hurt, the anger, and the frustration? What will you do when your whole world changes - pretty much instantly when you follow the steps?

Show me documentation, not the specific details but the end result, once you complete the steps. I will invite you to a special live Zoom gathering where I will answer any questions AND, more importantly, together create the next steps to move your life forward now that you see clearly and the blocks to happiness are finally gone!

Happiness is your default way of being. Time to remove all the blocks keeping you from living a happy life! Struggle is a optional!

happy while hurting

Happy In Pain?

How can you even think about feeling happy when you are in pain - really serious pain? Watch the video to find your solution.

It truly is possible for you.

stress is a choice

Feeling Stressed? It’s Your Choice

Stress only hurts when you choose to interpret it that way.

As Shakespeare said, "Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so."
Discover how to turn around what wears you down and make it the powerful force driving you to THRIVE across your life.

How do you do that? Watch the video for your solution.

NOW you know how to make truly powerful life changes. What action will you take as your first step today?

 Leave a comment to share.

Somebody else may wake up to their own solution from what you share.

Man saying why your life sucks

Your Life Sucks NO MORE

Paul Levin is out to end emotional pain worldwide. His book, Your Life Sucks NO MORE and his programs dramatically change lives by revealing core beliefs that run your life.

Find out how suffering happens and, more importantly, how you can end it.

Suffering is ALL WAYS and ALWAYS your choice.

Full episode here

frustrated girl

7 Habits That Keep You Stuck

Ali Bierman reveals the 7 Habits That Keep You Stuck. She discovered those truths working with hundreds of people in person and connecting with 200,000 people online for 35 years.

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