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Call Me

I am opening a handful of slots for 1:1 calls with me. These calls will be on Zoom so international works as well as North America.

Been stuck in your relationships? 

Take advantage of this opportunity by leaving a comment below. I moderate my comments so NO ONE will see yours but me. I will reply to your email as soon as possible and we will set up the session.

No, this is NOT one of those 15 minute quickies. 

This is a real call where change can happen. I look forward to connecting with the first 10 people who contact me as explained above.

angry man refusing to forgive

Forgive? NO WAY!

Forgive when you don't want to. It is the right thing to do, right? For whom? It sure doesn't feel right to you when you feel angry or hurt.

Why should I forgive? You don't know what happened to me!

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Learn and Teach: How to Resolve Your Issues

Learn and Teach, the formula for personal growth, reflects what you learn about yourself and then teach others what they don't know they don't know!

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Relationship Arithmetic

​Relationship arithmetic describes how romantic relationships  evolve from first introductions, through friendship, to love and partnership.

What happens after the honeymoon phase ends?

Get the total picture of how to build that amazing romantic relationship that lasts. ​

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What is Your Relationship Intelligence – part 4

What is Your Relationship Intelligence? How does it work?  How do your relationships create your health, happiness, and success all across your life?

This video is part 4 in a series explaining the process of how your relationships, from even before birth on up until the present, shape your world.

If you have not yet done so read and watch parts 1-3 to understand each aspect of your life that impacts all of your life. Building Your Relationship Intelligence. involves all four processes.

Today's video brings together all the pieces of how you create your life in each moment.

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Heal One Relationship and Heal All Your Relationships

An old Buddhist saying explains that, "How you do anything is how you do everything." Which means you duplicate the relationship (and other) patterns you live in any one area all across your life.

That assumption forms the basis for competency based therapy. The microcosm of the client-therapist relationship follows the same interaction styles that the client exhibits in the macrocosm that his world outside the therapy unit.


How the client interacts with the therapist reveals the identical style the client uses in his personal and professional lives. Makes sense, right?

Each person has a unique communication style.

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Teeth and Relationships – part 3 Your Relationship Intelligence intro

In this series introducing What Your Relationship Intelligence is, how it works and why it matters, we thus far explored your nerves, muscles, meridians, chakras, and energy bodies, and your bones and skeleton. Today we wind up the introduction connecting your teeth into your well being picture.

 The image says it all - your teeth matter. Cavities, tooth and gum issues, jaw alignment - all those factors determine and reflect your health, happiness and success.

Hmm. Bet you didn't know how important your teeth are to your well being.

What part do your teeth play in your success, health, and wealth?

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What Is Your Relationship Intelligence? Part 1

Your Relationship Intelligence runs every aspect of your life: your health, your wealth, your happiness, your success - you name it.

But what is it and how does it create your world in every detail?

Your body is the most sophisticated computer in the world. This video explores exactly how it operates to create your reality all across your life.

Click More for the introduction and you will begin to know how to create Your Relationship Intelligence

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