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THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

Life never happens to you.
It always happens for you.

What life decision will you make today that changes your world possibly forever? Tell us so we can cheer you on!

Nothing changes until you make the decision to change AND take the action step to set your new path to some place you have never been.

ALi pllaying singing Still Becoming

The Gift In Every Moment

You see the world you want to see. 

Your interpretations of events causes you to feel good, bad or indifferent in each moment. How do you choose to live? In joy or ho hum unhappiness?

I get through tough situations by writing a song. This is the song I wrote once I could use my eyes again.

Think about your life. Are you stuck in pain -= emotional or physical? How can you move forward today knowing that healing does not necessarily mean you get to be who you used to be or how you used to function and live. Healing is accepting your new current situation and choosing to move forward.

Wondering what and how to create a happy share? Watch this video. THEN go to The Happy Share Movement and share your very first one!

hurts help you grow and change

How To Change Your Past

You stay stuck in life, blaming other people and events for what is wrong or missing in your world.

What if what you think hurts you actually serves you  allowing you to grow in freedom, peace, and happiness? Watch the video to find why no one does anything to you. They do everything for you.

What action will you take today, starting right now to leave behind all the hurt, the anger, and the frustration? What will you do when your whole world changes - pretty much instantly when you follow the steps?

Show me documentation, not the specific details but the end result, once you complete the steps. I will invite you to a special live Zoom gathering where I will answer any questions AND, more importantly, together create the next steps to move your life forward now that you see clearly and the blocks to happiness are finally gone!

Happiness is your default way of being. Time to remove all the blocks keeping you from living a happy life! Struggle is a optional!

What is Your Relationship Intelligence

Everything that happens in your life – every challenge physically, emotionally, or spiritually – reflects a history of relationship disconnects.

Discover exactly how those factors play out in real life dramatically moving a real person from deep unhappiness and relationship issues to deep happiness across her life without ever contacting anyone outside herself.

Take action NOW to build your relationship intelligence. Suffering is a choice. Choose love and happiness now.


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This Renaissance Man Changes Lives

Rare, in today's world, is an individual so honoring of family, friends, students, and the energy running our lives.

Rob Moore impacts millions of lives every week as he  lovingly and respectfully shares his business know-how across social media and in his personal membership site at

Unlike many other business "gurus" Rob tells it like it is - how the world works. He is steeped in metaphysics, lessons from the ancient philosophers, and energy reality. In other words, he knows how the world works out of awareness and assists others - people of all ages - in opening their eyes and minds to the reality they may not not yet see and so are held back from happiness and success in all areas of well being.

I was privileged to interview him, frankly fulfilling one of my dreams. Reading his books and following his podcasts and teachings across the internet, I clearly see Rob as my role model not just for building a business but for a way to participate fully in life.

Listen to this chat through to the end to catch every tidbit and you will change your life - starting now.

3:41 Invisible forces drive your behavior and decisions

  • 5:21 We are all one. We are interconnected.
  • 6:32 As a species we need each other to survive
  • 8:12 Everything is energy that we can’t see but that doesn’t mean it is not there8:12 8:46 The Unified Field Theory says the past, present and future all exists spontaneously. When you tap into it you pull out a present or future moment.10:35 Maybe time isn’t linear
  • 14:41 Money is a Universal exchange of value. A way to exchange energy more quickly and more globally.
  • Money increases the speed of the energy transfer and reduces friction of the transfer.
  • 16:32 Creating energy could be vibrating at a higher frequency, be really good at pitching, enthusiasm or passion for a product or service, fair exchange, removing friction to buy
  • 18:01 Don’t complain about billionaires - ask yourself, “How can I earn more money?” BE the change you wish to see.
  • 20:45 Retirement is not stopping work. It is moving on to something else, leaving behind what you were doing
  • Retirement is out with the old and in with the new
  • 22:23 Rob is committed to helping people start and scale their business and getting better at financial knowledge
  • 26:52 You spend your life people pleasing and then you can’t please yourself
  • 27:03 You never regret the things you try. You only regret the things you didn’t try.

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Ali doing the THRIVE Dance

THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

How do I handle a crisis? Write a song, of course.

One of the key healing techniques I have known across my lifetime is writing a song. I do that to help me handle crises, to grow through tough times AND to celebrate life too. I sing this song pretty much daily to remind me how to stay in the mindset and reality of Love, True Happiness, and thriving instead of just surviving.

In my healing process I learned how to walk again so this THRIVE! Dance is - what a gift for me to make it real! Ah, and my voice went away so I had to learn how to talk again. Getting a sound out - another WOWSER!

See an annotated version below.

Contact me for lyrics. 

My 2014 best selling book.

thrive don't just survive book cover

In each minute you choose how you live. Happiness and healing are choices you make – or fail to make. You constantly receive messages and guidance to lead you to your Very Excellent Life.

Press play for the annotated version of the THRIVE! song.