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Spirituality - the basic facts define it as a key piece,  one amazingly missing, from most lives in modern society. The fact is, you are spiritual being, a Divine Spirit, living a human experience. You are pure energy. Everything in the world is pure energy.

Science is finally catching up with what sages have known for 5,000 years!


Without a spiritual practice your life will always fall short of the peace, happiness, vitality and all around success you seek. Your body cannot function at full capacity if you only resort to prayers in crisis and fail to know who you really are.

And yes, science has finally caught up to that truth and devised technologies that reveal the energy composing everything. Of course, Albert Einstein’s E = mc2  describes that reality. And Tesla spent his life sharing that truth as have centuries of philosophers dating back to the ancient masters in the West as well as in the East.

Why, then do so many people live out each day as a human doing moreso than a human being?

You do everything right - eat clean, sleep 7.5 hours, and get regular (not too much) exercise. And still you experience fatigue - even to the point of exhaustion - as well as relationship challenges, foggy thinking, and chronic conditions that mainstream medicine calls aging.

What is going on?

The main source of energy, the one that solves the fatigue problem along with a host of others in your world - personal and professional - actually happens automatically when you add the spiritual practice(s) that balance your inner energy.

Healthy, happy people who enjoy rich relationships, joy and peace in life do what Eastern cultures have known and practiced for over 5000 years. 

Meditation, Qigong, and Yoga are not woo-woo. Today you can find thousands of studies verifying what practitioners have known for eons.

Neuroscientists look at images of other people’s brains to see the results of those practices. Those who live with spiritual practices as a normal part of daily life show evidence, in themselves, of the benefits of the practice.

Watch the video to learn more about why adding meditation, Qigong, or Yoga will change your life by charging your energy while calming your mind.

You will never guess what really goes on that you don’t know - most people don’t.

Ready to end the dreaded monkey mind that keeps you awake at night? Wouldn't you really prefer peace and quiet all day long?

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About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali Bierman has been a relationship expert most of her life. As a wife of 32 years, mother, psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, ordained metaphysical minister, best selling author, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award winner, gifted artist and composer, teacher, family member and friend, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Change happens instantly in Ali's world. What takes a long time, and maybe never happens for some people, is getting ready to change.

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  • Peni says:

    Really love this one; know what i need. Thanks

    • Ali Bierman says:

      This message is missing from out people’s awareness. Grateful you found it here and use it to make sense of stuff. BE sure to come back next week for the big reveal I had not guessed myself.

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