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what is reality sign

Reality is defined by each person

Often it is really one’s past – the habits and daily routines. and beliefs replayed day by day by every ho-hum day.

How do you create your reality? Whose example do you follow and take on as your own?

Where does reality exist? Is it within, in our imagination, or is it an illusion like a dream?

What ever you r reality is today, you can chage it. YOu do that by first changing who you are. ONCe you have made that change then you relaity will easily change that you desire. The hardest part is that first step.

Who would you choose to become?

About the Author Ali Bierman

Ali Bierman has been a relationship expert most of her life. As a wife of 32 years, mother, psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, ordained metaphysical minister, best selling author, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award winner, gifted artist and composer, teacher, family member and friend, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Change happens instantly in Ali's world. What takes a long time, and maybe never happens for some people, is getting ready to change.

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