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Responsibility OR Response Ability

What does responsibility mean? How do you act in a responsible manner? What are you responsible for? To whom are you responsible?

OR are you REALLY Response Able?

Click to find out the difference between being responsible and response able

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80% of Diseases Begin in the Mouth

80% of diseases and conditions begin in the mouth. Your dentist unknowingly - or knowingly these days but not realizing the consequences to you, use practices that harm you.

Here is why you want to register here. Do it now. You hold your life in your own hands.

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How Do You Handle A Crisis?

They call it a crisis because you do not expect what happened to happen to you!

So what do you do? Who do you become in a crisis situation? Does a previously unknown part of you jump into action? Do you hold back and wait for someone else to tell you what to do? Do you curl up into a ball of fear?

We've been talking about who you REALLY are. Well, a crisis reveals the REAL  you.

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Who Are You Really

You are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are either.

The Universe talks to you constantly, guiding you toward your best life. Ah, which means discovering your True Self, the self beyond your physical being.


Click to discover how to become the you who you REALLY are.

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Losing Weight Still Eating What You Want To Eat

The headline on the NBC Nightly News proclaimed that this woman lost 50 pounds eating anything and everything she wanted - so long as she only ate during certain hours.

There was an amazing story about Lorna, a 58-year old woman who was struggling with her weight.

She ballooned to nearly 250 pounds, had to have both knees replaced and had trouble walking. 

However, everything changed after she followed 1 simple piece of advice from researchers at the University of Alabama. She lost 50 pounds, had more energy and felt the best she had in years. 

Her secret?


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What is Health Really?

What is health really? Mainstream medicine is all about medicine and procedures to treat symptoms. Hmm, nothing to do with eliminating causes. 

After all, symptoms are the effects, the results of causes.

So then, what is health and how can you get truly healthy?

Very simply put - your health reflects your entire life-history of relationship events. surprised? 

This video explains how that works.

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Hormone Balancing Exercise – For Women Only

Hormone balancing for women is tricky at best. No matter what stage your are in life - peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause - discover how to optimize your nutrition and exercise to always feel and look your best.

It is a matter of lifestyle - knowing what works and what definitely doesn't.

If you've been doing everything "right" and still suffer discomforts or can't drop the weight then this info is for you.

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Health Tips: The Basic Truths

What creates health? The basics that determine how healthy you are - emotionally, physically, spiritually AND in your relationships and career - are known by only a handful of healthcare practitioners and spiritual leaders.

Surprising, don't you think, that mainstream medicine treats effects (symptoms) without ever looking for causes? So-called alternative healthcare, on the other hand,  addresses causes that source illness and conditions.

Actually, so-called alternative healthcare dates back thousands of years.

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Healthy Teeth and Gums

The state of your teeth and gums reflects your health - now and in your future. Knowing how to keep your teeth healthy and your gums disease-free makes all the difference in whether or not you will suffer from serious diseases or chronic conditions in your life - sooner or later!

Click to discover how oral hygiene impacts your well being physically and emotionally.

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All Is One in Love and Light

All is One in Love and Light. In every moment of every day you are held with Love in Light.

What do those words mean? What does it mean that All is One?

Everything is energy. All people, all of nature, all manmade creations are, bottom line, made of energy.

Science confirms that reality.

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