Your Relationship Intelligence
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Teeth and Relationships – part 3 Your Relationship Intelligence intro

In this series introducing What Your Relationship Intelligence is, how it works and why it matters, we thus far explored your nerves, muscles, meridians, chakras, and energy bodies, and your bones and skeleton. Today we wind up the introduction connecting your teeth into your well being picture.

 The image says it all - your teeth matter. Cavities, tooth and gum issues, jaw alignment - all those factors determine and reflect your health, happiness and success.

Hmm. Bet you didn't know how important your teeth are to your well being.

What part do your teeth play in your success, health, and wealth?

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Your Bones and Your Relationships – Your Relationship Intelligence part 2

​Bones and relationships - the status and health of each reflects your lifetime of relationship events and your interpretations of each.

​In part one of this introduction - explaining what Your Relationship Intelligence is, how you create it ​and why it matters - we explored the nerves, muscles and organs. 

In part two we explore the bones, the skeletal system, and how it reflects other aspects of your life experience.​

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What Is Your Relationship Intelligence? Part 1

Your Relationship Intelligence runs every aspect of your life: your health, your wealth, your happiness, your success - you name it.

But what is it and how does it create your world in every detail?

Your body is the most sophisticated computer in the world. This video explores exactly how it operates to create your reality all across your life.

Click More for the introduction and you will begin to know how to create Your Relationship Intelligence

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Candida – The Secret Silent Killer

In 1996 I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury causing what absolutely devastated my entire body and triggered dangerous emotions. Unfortunately, the 16 doctors on my medical team had no idea that Candida was the culprit causing many of the symptoms I will share with you in a moment. 

The fact is, I struggled not just to make it through each day but to WANT to make it through each day.

And that went on for four years.

I paid a high price for the ignorance of mainstream medicine

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Relationships and Immunity

Immunity to colds  as well as heart attack prevention reflect healthy relationships .All your relationships contribute to your well being or the lack of success.

More precisely, your interpretation of the events in each of your relationships builds or damages your health and happiness.

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Secret of Life Revealed

The question of the ages - especially in your twenties and later in your senior years - what is the secret of life? 

You don't really need to search for it. If you do then you will probably never find it.

You see, the secret reveals itself - at precisely the perfect moment in your life - and in the exact best way for you to understand it.

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Love Yourself First: A Matter of Life or Death

​Love yourself first: It's a matter of life or death. Loving yourself first is not selfish. It’s mandatory.

After being unable to connect with a dear friend for a few weeks, after sometimes getting voice mail and sometimes seeing a call come in from her number, I feared the worst.

​And then it happened

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Love: Why Love Matters

Love is the highest frequency. Love is the vibration of the Divine.

The Beatles had it right when they sang, "All You Need is Love."

To live your best life and fulfill your reason for being here now in this lifetime, build your relationship intelligence allowing you to live in love.

You can only attract things and people that vibrate in harmony with your own vibratory frequency.

Everything you want i life vibrates very fast at very high frequencies.! 

When you see each person as the Divine Spirit they truly are, and when you recognize that everything that happens in life happens perfectly for a beautiful and Divine reason (eincluding the horrifically awful painful events) THEN, and only then, can you raise your frequency and finally receive all you want and all you deserve in life.

It's not rocket science. Watch the video to get started now.

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Divine Timing: How Divine Timing Works

​Divine Timing. What is it and how does it work?

​Briefly, Divine Timing causes events to happen in your life if and when they are in your highest and best interest.

Sometimes things happen when you want them to. Sometimes they happen later. And sometimes what you desire never happens at all.

What is going on?

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Spatial Reasoning: Better in Men or Women?

Spatial reason: is it better in men or in women?

The male viewpoint says men are more logical and therefore also have superior talent in putting an array of objects into small spaces than women can.

But is that notion true or is it simply a myth that gets perpetuated by males?

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