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How to Stop The Inner Critic

Two little voices run in your head. The one that jabbers constantly evaluates everything in your world keeping you from living in reality, preventing you from making your won decisions.

Worst part is - you have no idea this is happening!

The video explains it all - in about one minute you can learn how to free yourself from all that noise! What the heck am I talking about?

Simple, don't you think?

Right now your commentator is telling you to stop listening to me because I don't know what I am saying. Do you hear it? it is fighting for survival. Thing is, you are not trying to kill it. You just want it to quiet down and surface only when you choose to listen to it.

So right now say, "Thank you for sharing." Seriously. Say, "Thank you for sharing."

Tell us how it worked for you. More important. smile, know you are in charge. 

girl with chattering brain

The Voice In Your Head

Two voices talk to you inside your head. One is that critical little voice that  you think is your real self telling you about your life, about your world. The other voice is your intuition.

Say what?

All that inner talk has been going on all your life. It is your norm! You have no awareness that one voice is not even yours - and that is the one keeping you stuck, discouraged, and feeling ho hum at best.

I wrote a special report describing both voices and how they play out in your life. Download your copy now.

Relationships Rule

Relationships Rule takes on two distinctly yet equally powerfulmeanings when the two words appear together.

The first meaning relates to the fact that all problems that happen in your life reflect disconnects in one or more areas: your relationship with yourself, your relationship with other people, or your relationship with a Higher Power.

Click to discover why your world doesn't look like you wish it did.

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Call Me

I am opening a handful of slots for 1:1 calls with me. These calls will be on Zoom so international works as well as North America.

Been stuck in your relationships? 

Take advantage of this opportunity by leaving a comment below. I moderate my comments so NO ONE will see yours but me. I will reply to your email as soon as possible and we will set up the session.

No, this is NOT one of those 15 minute quickies. 

This is a real call where change can happen. I look forward to connecting with the first 10 people who contact me as explained above.

variety of meats

What You Eat Impacts Everything in Your Life

What you eat  and what you eat eats, and how you eat it dictates your mental and physical well being. A healthy microbiome makes a happy life.

Looking at the meats in the title photo?

Surprisingly, beef liver is one of the healthiest most nutritious foods you can eat. At just 2 ounces daily I get more vitamin C and omega 3s than in any plant sources. 

A carnivore diet is not all about muscle meat. I eat lots of liver, kidney and heart - in very tasty forms. I also tried pancreas and spleen but, lets just say I will stick with the previous selection and get the last two from pasture-raised desiccated organ tablets.

I enjoy duck, quail, bison/buffalo, venison, elk, chicken, peacock - and though I ventured into kangaroo and alligator I found both less than luscious. I make everything myself from scratch so an invitation to my kitchen table becomes quite an adventure.

Weird, huh? I recall the day my brother was terribly upset when I served kidney bean lasagna. Oh dear how that diet screwed up my hormones!

Since going full out on the carnivore diet, as explained in this book, my heart stopped all the nearly constant arrhythmia that followed nerve damage 9 years ago with brain surgery. Life had gotten so limited because I could not count on being able to breathe and function well with unexpected frequent episodes. 

I found that predicament especially upsetting because I did not feel safe being alone with my grandchildren. I went through some very challenging moments.

My doctor, not knowing how to help me heal from the debilitating state detailed here, told me to eat a carnivore diet. He explained that the body does not need fruits or vegetables - and I discovered that truth rather quickly when I went from what Dr. Paul Saladino terms the Carnivorish Diet, to an actual Carnivore Diet. 

Think what I just said is heresy?

That diet is the G.A.P.S., essentially, that was developed years ago (I highlighted it in  a 2014 book on mental health - that I have not yet published) as it has been used to reverse autism and many functional medicine and holistic docs today recommend it to reverse autoimmune conditions - a painful condition I saw in my own health - something that started when that brain tumor started growing.

I cannot recommend educating yourself highly enough on the program which is a lifestyle - I rarely get hungry. I used to have to get up in the middle of the night and eat when my brain used glucose/carbs for fuel and now it uses fat so hunger rarely happens and I sleep better!

Oh yeah, you won't the hangries because you do not need to refuel every 1 1/2-2 hours because your blood sugar level drops and your brain gets fuzzy.

Duh - the brain is 70% cholesterol. Of course it prefers fat for fuel - but not just any fat. There is a huge difference between animal fat and oils from seeds and plants. The research abounds!

Read Dr. Stephen Gundry's Plant Paradox and Longevity Paradox to understand why plants do NOT furnish nutrition your body uses and in fact does the opposite. 

Plants do not want to be eaten and their defenses lead to hormone disruption and all kinds of failure to assimilate and use nutrition from plants.When I stopped eating grains years ago I noticed I felt better. BUT I was eating more leafy greens in a week than most people eat in a year. And that habit seems to have caused the nearly non-stop heart arrhythmias.

Oh yes, this is a biggy you want to know...

How many people do you know who had knee or hip replacements because arthritis ate up their cartilage? Note that is a fairly recent phenomena - since the wheat grown today has 7x as many chromosomes as the ancient variety and, guess what - and this is documented -  destroys cartilage.

Pretty good reason to stop eating gluten - at the very least.

I cannot tell you that eating this way will resolve your heart arrhythmias. It works for me and I am ever so grateful to the doctor who told me to stop the Carnivorish diet (animal products and vegetable and fruits and nuts and oils) and go 100% carnivore.

I eat a HUGE variety of animals and organs which surprises me. I used to be vegetarian and lost my health and almost lost my life all while gaining LOTS of weight  during my fifteen years as a vegetarian. On the other hand - I (and my family) never got sick even when half the school was out with the flu none of us ever suffered any illness. We did eat organic all those years. And I have always cooked everything from scratch - well almost everything. We did eat out too.

I get my pasture-raised animal products here.  I also am graced with a farm 15 minutes down the road where they raise peacocks, emu, elk, bison/buffalo, elk, venison and poultry. So you know, the farmers who raise those animals create a negative impact on green house gases and use less soil than growing plants - which is wiping out rain forests.

Get the facts and stop swallowing the propaganda on nutrition. Just take a look at society and realize the US ranks at the BOTTOM, according to WHO, on health among developed countries. Avoid following the research sponsored by the companies (through devious deceptive means covering up their participation )making the products and "advice" never based in evidence. Learn how to distinguish the honest research from the cherry-picked half-truths (or worse).

Educate yourself. Personally I own both the printed and audiobooks so it's easy to learn and then to take written notes I easily reference. I do not recommend anything I do not personally use.

Click on the images to access the books/audio books on Amazon. If you do not have an Audible account follow this link for a 30 day free trial and get a free download that you can keep even if you cancel your membership.

I highly recommend an audible membership as it offers very many free free audiobooks, podcasts, magazines and even amazing courses for one low price. It is my favorite app and I spend hours daily learning, growing and being entertained.

plant paradox book
plant paradox audiobook
longeivy paradox book
longevity audible
carnivore code book
carnivore code audio book

when I first heard of the carnivore diet I thought the guy was nuts - the guy being Dr. Paul Saldino who was once a raw vegan! What do you think about all this?

Leave a comment and share where you are in terms of diet, nutrition and wellness. Are you able to do all the activities you want to? How clear is your thinking? How often do you feel a need to snack?

So you know, if you make a purchase using links on this page I may receive a commission from Amazon which helps support my work online.

very sad woman

Disappointing Love Life?

Tired of dating - or marrying - the same guy - different face, different name but same habits?

Click here to change everything.

Ali doing the THRIVE Dance

THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

One of the key healing techniques I have known across my lifetime is writing a song. I do that to help me handle crises, to grow through tough times AND to celebrate life too. I sing this song pretty much daily to remind me how to stay in the mindset and reality of Love, True Happiness, and thriving instead of just surviving.

In my healing process I learned how to walk again so this THRIVE! Dance is - what a gift for me to make it real! Ah, and my voice went away so I had to learn how to talk again. Getting a sound out - another WOWSER!

See an annotated version below.

Contact me for lyrics. 

My 2014 best selling book.

thrive don't just survive book cover

In each minute you choose how you live. Happiness and healing are choices you make – or fail to make. You constantly receive messages and guidance to lead you to your Very Excellent Life.

person is a tree with roots and branches

It’s All about You

Your life is all about you and how you see your world. In each moment you choose success or same old same old day in and day out?. 

Your actions reflect whether you love yourself or not.

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So You Never Suffer

Suffering is optional when you live with awareness and listen to your body, mind, and spirit. Your inner wisdom CAN keep you healthy.

You see, bad things happen in everyone's life.The thing is you get to choose how to feel about any event. After the brain surgery left me having to work hard to appear normal I made the choice to accept life in my altered mind-body and move forward from there.

Easy? Heck no! AND it works. Confused? Simple explanation here.

But what happens when you cannot get the help you know you need to make the leap - or even the baby steps - forward??

I made this video to expand your awareness of what may be going on in your body without your knowing. Aging is not a time of decline UNLESS you spent decades unaware of what your body is telling you. Hey - it is easy to do if no one tells you this stuff.

I made this video, highlighting many critical details you likely do not know about how your body works or may be working in unhealthy ways right now.

Suffering is optional with knowledge and action. Please watch the entire video and do click the links for further in depth info that very well may prevent or end suffering you thought was just aging.

Watch the video explaining your atlas here

Check this list of conditions and issues that happen when your atlas is out.

Get CB products your body already knows how to use here or ask Ali for guidance on what will best meet your needs be they pain, sleep, stress, or anxiety. Know that your body needs CBD to maintain homeostasis. All kinds of functions (think hormonal balance and natural effortless weight loss) improve once you meet that natural need.

The Drift Bath Salts aided healing during my therapy by providing Epsom salts, relaxing essential oils and CBD.And both Ease Roll On and Remedy CBD Soothing Balm massaged into my hand and pained body areas reduced pain  and sped up healing.

Listen to my water talk here. Get the facts you do not know about hydration.

Water for Life

You and Water

Water - your health depends on it. Getting the right water in the right amount with enough safe salt creates optimal health.

Your body is electromagnetic. What do you need to conduct the messages from one neuron to the next? You need salt and water. That is what your body is , 75% water. In fact, your brain is 85% water. So think about this for a moment - your brain takes up about 1/50 of the whole mass of your body. And yet it uses 1/5 of the water you take in.  

Now what does that tell you about water and mental functioning? Have you noticed how many people, surprisingly some of them are only in their twenties, joke about their senior moments, or their brain fog, or what they forget? 

Chances are it is dehydration. Most people are short about two quarts of water. Most people think about drinking when they are thirsty. By the time you are thirsty, you may already be dangerously dehydrated.  

Now how is a message going to be passed accurately from cell to cell if the water is not there, and if the salt is not in the water? Think about that one for a moment. It cannot happen. 
Your body needs water. How much water? It needs sufficient water it can assimilate and use. Your body requires water equal to half your body weight - in fluid ounces not pounds. So a person who weighs 100 pounds needs 100/2=50 ounces of water daily - spread over the course of the day. If you drink either alcohol or caffeine you need to add an additional 2 glasses of water to counter the dehydrating affects of each. 

If you have the right kind of water, at the right pH with the right amount of oxygen, you do yourself a big favor in prevention because you are less likely to get sick, get hurt, or develop emotional conditions as easily or as seriously as you will if you fail to consume enough water and salt. 

You need salt your body uses with harm. Himalayan pink salt is optimal. Avoid sea salt as its high plastic content is unsafe

You can dramatically improve many aspects of your health simply by changing your water-consumption habits.

  • Click the links to listen to Only Water is Water: Your Life Depends On It
  • Click each segment to discover what you do not know about water, hydration, dehydration and your well being. I marked some points for your special attention.
  • Part 1
    minute 2:05 It’s a dire warning NOT a gentle suggestion
    minute 4:46 One BIG reason so many people have ADD
    minute 5:30 What you don’t know about caffeine
    minute 6:00 This increases incidences of asthma in children
    minute12:50 The brain must shut down functioning when this happens
    minute 13:40 Doctors call it aging – WRONG!
  • Part 2
    minute 0:30 Allergies and asthma – what is happening
    minute 1:20 80%-90% of back and joint pain stop with this action
    minute 2:20 Stress, depression, and chronic fatigue – oh yeah
    minute 3:50 Mental Illness: It’s reversible
    minute 5:31 Halt this kind of deafness
    minute 6:30 Just a 2% drop in hydration – fuzzy thinking, inability to focus for reading
    minute 8:24 Obesity Can it really be this easy to reverse it?
    minute 11:57 Signs your health is about to crash
  • Part 3
    minute 0:20 Women: stop worrying about where the restrooms are when out
    minute 3:20 This is the ONLY time to drink COLD water
    minute 4:50 Salt does all that?
    minute 7:00 60 out of 2100, seriously?
    minute 8:30 Showers – the dangers you d not know about
    minute 11:30 400 people died drinking treated city water because of this
    minute 13:00 Your pretty lawn is destroying everybody’s health
    minute 15:15 The truth about bottle water
    minute 21:00How Nature provides
    23:40 Prevention costs 15 times LESS than the cure–assuming there is a cure