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Ho’ opponpono: How To forgive

Hoʻoponopono is a meditation, a philosophy for healing relationships.

It works by eliminating the troublesome thinking within you. In other words, your inaccurate thoughts create the rifts between you and other people.


So then, how do you use it to actually eliminate the"bad blood" you feel toward someone else?

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Forgiving – A Matter of Life and Death

When you fail to forgive yourself or others you set off dire, even fatal, health consequences.  You see, forgiveness is not simply about letting go of your past hurts. In fact, you likely may not realize all the people in your world who need your forgiveness.

Remember that forgiveness is really about forgiving love to those who seemed to have cause you pain, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Forgiving matters to your well being.

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Forgiveness: The Truth About Forgiving

Forgiveness. Do you feel like forgiving someone for an action they took, or didn't take, that left you feeling hurt or sad would be like saying It's okay for them to act that way?

Do you refuse to forgive others for hurting you so you can feel righteous in your hurt? Do you tell others how unfairly you were treated looking to justify your indignation?

What I am about to say will likely get you up in arms and maybe even angry with me because the fact is you are missing the whole point of forgiveness.

Discover what and how to forgive.

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The Happiness Myth

Happiness - it's a myth. Well, it is and it isn't.

You probably think that happiness is a personal feeling that each individual defines for himself or herself. Am I right? 

Do you have your own definition of what it means to be happy?

How do you know when you are actually happy? What does your world look like? Where are you? What do you do each day? Who is with you?

The fact is that happiness has one and only one definition.

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Rock Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! So, did you make some resolutions this year? Did you make some resolutions last year? How about the year before last?

Did your resolutions happen for you? Did you fulfill on what you told yourself you would?

If you are like most people then your response is definitely, "No."

Well then, what will be different this year? Why bother making resolutions you know you won't keep?

These three steps  all but assure your success....

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Gratitude in 2017???

​Gratitude in 2017? Are you wondering what to be grateful about when so very much really bad stuff happened - and continues to impact millions of us?  

I could list many of the issues currently changing our lives in a drastic ways. I could. But what would be the point?

What you focus on expands, yes? Why in the world would I talk about the bad stuff? Doing so would not serve me. It would not serve you either.

Instead do this and instantly change how you feel.

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Family vs Friends

​Family vs friends. Does it feel like the two are mutually exclusive in your life? When you step back and think about how you behave toward your family members vs how you belhave toward your friends what do you find?

For too many people family does not receive the same respect or honoring as do friends.

Wondering why friends often rank higher than family?

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Spirituality – It’s Not Just for the Holidays

Spirituality. One of the most  misunderstood and under-rated concepts of life actually is one of the three keys necessary for health and happiness. 

Many people begin their spiritual quest in midlife - seeking to connect to a Higher Power. Yet this key element of Relationship Intelligence is part of our being from the moment of birth. Okay, actually before birth and after death

How do you define your spirituality?

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Universal Law of Giving and Receiving

​The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving supersedes the marketing hype of Madison Avenue, explaining the true intention of gift giving - and receiving.

​During the holiday season, especially, people get caught up with what they perceive as obligations to buy buy buy gifts for people. Often they have no desire or love behind those choices - either to give or what to give.

On the other extreme are those who believe it is better to give than to receive.

What's wrong with that notion?

The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving supersedes the marketing hype of Madison Avenue, explaining the true intention of gift giving - and receiving.

​What is the one and only reason to give anyone a gift?

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cellphones and tablets ruin relationships

Cellphones Ruin Relationships

Contrary to public opinion, cellphones ruin relationships rather than foster closeness. They do NOT build stronger bonds or inspire truth in friendships.

Cellphones do more to destroy relationships than to help you simplify and improve your life.

People tend to obsess over staying in constant contact - immediately responding to texts and calls fearing that not doing so will cause the person sending the message to go elsewhere or connect with someone else who is more readily available.

Recently, some teenagers guest co-hosting the podcast, Brains On, a science show for kids and curious adults like me, participated in a week-long experiment. Along with some friends they put away their cellphones for a week.

Their report was quite fascinating. While one said she initially feared missing out on current happenings in her peer group, she soon realized how much she enjoyed reading books, playing her saxophone more and just plain being in the world doing usually activities.

If you fear turning off your own smartphone I encourage you to listen to that episode here. It just may change your life.

For many, the fear of income loss pushes people to rudely answer a call or text message even during meal time or in social settings.

The reality is that cellphone addiction destroys relationships - romantic, famiiial, and professional too.

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