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wisdom share: malpractice

Is It Malpractice Living This Way?

You know you have tools to stop someone's pain yet you offer no help.

Have you committed a crime against your fellow man? Could you go so far as to call that lack of empathy or sharing malpractice? Watch the video to see how you can change lives - or not - depending on the choices you make.

Remember that what goes around comes around.

There is only ONE energy that creates everything and every person in existence. Everything - us too - is that single energy. Therefore, when you hurt another person, you ultimately hurt yourself.

Contact Ali to explore all about stem cells and how they can make a difference in your life or in somebody’s life who you care about.

Contact Ali to become part of her Pilot Program to stop the pain and move into wellness. Space is limited. The program will return to its full price once the Pilot Program fills.

Dr, .Karen show image

Create Global Wellness

A medal winning figure skater turned MD, turned acupuncturist, ultimately founding The Academy of Light Medicine, Dr. Karen Kan changes lives worldwide spreading wellness in every way you can imagine - and then some.

Whatever questions you have about feeling better or fitting in - Dr. Karen has a solution. She even has a quick technique - quick  as it takes seconds - for people who do not like to sit still to meditate.

Her best-selling book, Sensitivity is Your Superpower, reveals how your constant wellness challenges may actually be a super sensitivity you can reframe as the super power gift it is.  When you buy her book, she generously shares $1000 of gifts to bring peace and well-being to you. See details on her website to claim your gift.

Listen all the way through to find what you need for you. Yes, Dr. Karen has that many ways to meet your needs. Discover her offerings described in the video at her site

Some highlights mentioned in the video:

If you do not meditate, check out her quick balancing technique at

Follow her Healthy Healing Habits on 

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Remember that struggle is optional.