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Wearing Your Feelings

Stop wearing your feelings on your face.

How do you feel when you look at this pooch? Are you jumping up and down for joy OR do you feel kinda cruddy, down?

The fact is, without ever realizing it, your posture and facial expression broadcast how you feel about yourself and your life in each moment. More to the point, those features either attract others to you OR make them avoid you.

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Your Life Predictor: Response to “How Do You Feel?”

When you meet or pass by someone you know - or even someone you do not know, and they politely ask, "How do you feel?"what do you say?

Your response may determine how the rest of your day goes.

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How You Love You

How  your world looks reflects how you love yourself. How worthy are you to live your dreams? If you feel dissatisfied with your life step back to determine your relationship with you.

How is it going?

Do you have a relationship with the real you?

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The Cost of Failing to Love Yourself First

The cost of loving yourself first is extremely high. When you fail to do so the Universe steps in creating unexpected expenses you really do not desire in your life.

I am not talking nickel and dime events but hundreds to thousands of dollars. And they seem to come out of nowhere!

Which means you may or may not be prepared to handle them.

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Love Yourself First: A Matter of Life or Death

​Love yourself first: It's a matter of life or death. Loving yourself first is not selfish. It’s mandatory.

After being unable to connect with a dear friend for a few weeks, after sometimes getting voice mail and sometimes seeing a call come in from her number, I feared the worst.

​And then it happened

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