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Change vs No Change

Do you like change?
OR do you prefer no change in your life?

Is your comfort zone really a comfortable place to live? I mean really - do you like living the same old same old every day and fear the unknown?

I prefer jumping into new possibilities and you can only do that by changing your world.

Isn't it time to break free from the prison in which you've survived but never thrived?

Buddha's life lesson

The Buddha’s Legacy

The Buddha said he could encapsulate his entire life’s work in one sentence. His 45 years of non-stop teaching is clearly defined in his own words,

“Nothing is to be clung to as I, me, or mine.”

What does it mean?

Tell us what you are ready to detach from. When you do it will dramatically change your life and free up all kinds of energy for you.

man with a secret

Secrets You Should Never Keep Secret

The Universe does NOT gift you healing to keep it to yourself.

When you are gifted with something that changes your world, especially the dramatic life-altering modalities, it is your duty to share those gifts so others may also grow in total wellness.

Life is about community, about sharing. Life is about love and joy. When you come from your heart, love and joy naturally flow.

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Where Do Beliefs Come From

Beliefs – What Are They

Where do beliefs come from?

Do you ever stop and wonder what beliefs are, where they come from and how they impact your life - keeping you stuck, frustrated and in pain? That is, until you know what do instead.

I reveal all those answers in this video.

Ready to finally, once and for all, remove that uneasy feeling - you know, the one lurking inside every day keeping you from full out enjoying your life in each moment?

Work with Ali - get results that last.

expect accet thumbs up

Expect and Accept

Your reality reflects the expectations you have of people and events AND also what you accept as possible in your world. What can you do about that to make your life flow the way you want it to instead of staying stuck and unhappy?

This video has your solution.

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thinking chimpanzee

I Am Not in the Universe

I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.

You are not in the Universe. The Universe is in you. 

The fact is that nothing exists outside of you. You create your world in your mind. Everybody does.

Wondering what the heck I am talking about? Watch the video to understand how you create your world in each moment.

This post is excerpted from Rev. Ali's Metaphysical Ministry International site - currently housed at the Let's Get Metaphysical Podcast site. To download her gift, Step in a New Direction  click here. Begin seeing your world from the perspective of creating reality as it actually happens and finally do it with awareness.

Continue to stumble through life blaming events, circumstances, and other people for your less than happy life OR Step In a New Direction NOW.

The choice is yours  - always has been and always will be.

logo for met's get metaphysical

let’s get metaphysical Podcast

Ever wonder how I got into metaphysics? I mean, how did it show up in my life?

Actually it started when I was about three years old.


No kidding. Listen to the most recent episode to see how I figured out why my life was different from how the lives of others seemed to be. Note that word, "seemed." Because once you know what to look for you will discover some surprising events across your own life.

Tell us how your life now looks different because you see events differently - or you SEE events that used to pass you by without notice, without conscious impact.

pensive women in forest by waterfall

Metaphysics vs Magical Thinking

I celebrated my 70th birthday by launching my new podcast Let's Get Metaphysical. It is part of my ministry, Metaphysical Ministry International. As I rebuild that site you can find more inspirational and spiritual sharing here inside this blog - which will move to the podcast site here.

Right now you can enjoy listening to the episodes right here. To access all the episodes and listen at your leisure visit the podcast home page inside Apple podcasts. You will need an Apple ID to do so and can get one for FREE. Click here. You can listen on any podcast system where you currently find your shows. My show is everywhere!

What questions do you have about metaphysics or spirituality. So you know., metaphysics is the philosophy explaining quantum physics. Don't know what I am talking about?  Play this episode.

Ali at 70

This is 70 – My Real Life Story

Today I am celebrating BIG TIME! I turned 70 and I feel better than I have in 15 years - stronger. happier, more focused.

Today I started a big project I'd been thinking about for a while and the Universe said to start it today.

Well I had to start a few weeks ago to bring it to fruition AND today everything is flowing.

What is my really big new venture? Watch the video for the details. You will like it. I made it for you.

It is shirt. Make sure you stay through to the end.

You can help make the podcast a success so I can continue to bring new episodes with practical and mystical lessons. People are already lining up for the show.

Go here and subscribe. It will be super easy, once subscribed, to do the next steps. Leave a rating, a short review and share with your friends.

Most important, listen to the episodes. My guests are amazing, and frankly, I sat there with my jaw hanging open for most of the interviews.

The world is filled with so many people who are seriously out to make a difference for others and for the planet!

wires measure brain waves

The True Power of Your Brain Waves

You create our reality. Your thoughts create your world. Your inner world is more powerful than your outer world.

You heard people say one or more of those statements, yes?

Did you roll your eyes or smirk at those words? Or did you tell yourself, "I will believe it when I see it."

Either choice disempowers you while letting you think your life just happens to you, that you have no control over events or circumstances.

I can show you, actually use your own mind and body, to demonstrate what you will witness in the two short - super short - videos below.

Huh? How'd I do that? 

Well, until I did what I briefly explain below I definitely was not in control of my partially offline mind. 

Tune in each week for more. I will show you how to grow your fingers longer - and turn brandy into a mild drink a non-drinker can consume.

If you have doubts then this information is vital to your well being and future.

Create the tools  seen in the videos and do as I demonstrate. Tell us your results. If you got crazy results and need help contact me.