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stress is a choice

Feeling Stressed? It’s Your Choice

Stress only hurts when you choose to interpret it that way.

As Shakespeare said, "Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so."
Discover how to turn around what wears you down and make it the powerful force driving you to THRIVE across your life.

How do you do that? Watch the video for your solution.

NOW you know how to make truly powerful life changes. What action will you take as your first step today?

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Somebody else may wake up to their own solution from what you share.

Man saying why your life sucks

Your Life Sucks NO MORE

Paul Levin is out to end emotional pain worldwide. His book, Your Life Sucks NO MORE and his programs dramatically change lives by revealing core beliefs that run your life.

Find out how suffering happens and, more importantly, how you can end it.

Suffering is ALL WAYS and ALWAYS your choice.

Full episode here

frustrated girl

7 Habits That Keep You Stuck

Ali Bierman reveals the 7 Habits That Keep You Stuck. She discovered those truths working with hundreds of people in person and connecting with 200,000 people online for 35 years.

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Happiness vs Suffering

What prevents you from knowing your True self - that part of you that lives in happiness and ease?

Suffering is optional. 

If you are miserable, if you are in pain - physical or emotional - the choice to suffer or not lies in your own hands.

Your thoughts create emotions that spark feelings. Your thoughts and feelings ALWAYS match.


Just because you have thought it and believed it for so long - just because those in your world believe it that does NOT make it true.

The stories you tell yourself keep you stuck. The stories running in your head cause your suffering.

How can suffering be a choice when you are in pain - physical pain or emotional pain? Ask yourself, “Are you the pain or are you the one observing the pain?

Your body does not hurt. Your feelings are not real - only Conscious Awareness experiences what you hear, see, taste, touch and smell.

So why do you feel like you suffer?

You believe your mind is you. Your mind keeps you in the past (where pain is constantly revisited) or in the future. It bypasses the only real moments of life - the now.

Most people spend about 5% of the day in the NOW. That means you live in your past or future 95% of the time

You don’t DO anything to be happy. You ARE happy. Your job is to remove the blocks you put up to experience your happiness.

This necklace is made of lignum vitae wood known as the Tribe of Life. It is the hardest, heaviest wood in the world long-lived and impervious to moisture and insects. This gift celebrates how I choose to live from after two traumatic brain injuries altered my life.

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- Suffering reveals false stories you tell yourself that you believe are fact.
- You stay stuck by suppressing those feelings and even the memories that      create thoughts, storing them in the file folders of your amazing computer mind.

File folders for each suppressed emotion fill across your life time - until you choose to take action to clear them out.

You can choose to live with pain Or you can choose to dissolve that pattern.

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birds one talks and one listens


Conversations drive - or destroy - relationships of all kinds. 

Discover how to make yours land so others InJoy your company.

Listen NOW to the full episode. change your life! Connie shares how to face fear and change - and move forward powerful into your brighter future.

Now that you found a way to deal with change and face your fears, what step will you take today to InJoy more happiness, peace and success across your life? Remember, take baby steps - but you gotta take those baby steps or nothing changes.

photo from movie in i48


Fun is an important element in well being. Do something just for you every day - and do something fun at least once a week. Smile!

This video features one of the most fun activities I ever got to do and I did it every year - when I lived in Idaho. That is what the "i" is about. Watch this very fun video to find out what the 48 is about.

What are you going to do today to bring fun into your life. Hey - when you feel happier your energy moves others to feel happier too! The day will flow smoother for everyone!

Go for it!

buttercup flowers in grassy yard

Buttercup Qigong

Barefoot in a field of buttercups, peacefully doing ...ahhhhhhh.

Qigong leaves me feeling happy and grateful. what a powerful combination gifted by Nature.

What lets you feel happy and grateful, bringing you peace and calm? Share in a comment so others may feel the peace too.

Ali at 70

This is 70 – My Real Life Story

Today I am celebrating BIG TIME! I turned 70 and I feel better than I have in 15 years - stronger. happier, more focused.

Today I started a big project I'd been thinking about for a while and the Universe said to start it today.

Well I had to start a few weeks ago to bring it to fruition AND today everything is flowing.

What is my really big new venture? Watch the video for the details. You will like it. I made it for you.

It is shirt. Make sure you stay through to the end.

You can help make the podcast a success so I can continue to bring new episodes with practical and mystical lessons. People are already lining up for the show.

Go here and subscribe. It will be super easy, once subscribed, to do the next steps. Leave a rating, a short review and share with your friends.

Most important, listen to the episodes. My guests are amazing, and frankly, I sat there with my jaw hanging open for most of the interviews.

The world is filled with so many people who are seriously out to make a difference for others and for the planet!

positive vibes only image

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

People say think positive. They say your unhappiness reflects the negative thoughts you think.

But positive thoughts hurt even worse!

When you try to make yourself feel better by telling yourself to think positive - and then you try to do so - you wind up damaging yourself on a very deep level.

This short video will change the way you run your head, especially when you feel crummy or stuck - or suffer physically pr emotionally.

What do you think? When was the last time thinking positive served you? Leave a comment and let us know.

person is a tree with roots and branches

It’s All about You

Your life is all about you and how you see your world. In each moment you choose success or same old same old day in and day out?. 

Your actions reflect whether you love yourself or not.

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