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Dealing With Unkind People

 Protect yourself from nasty, annoying unkind people while creating a win-win situation without ever talking to or touching the offender in any way.

What if you had only Amazing Relationships in your life - always and in all ways. Ask me how.

Man saying why your life sucks

Your Life Sucks NO MORE

Paul Levin is out to end emotional pain worldwide. His book, Your Life Sucks NO MORE and his programs dramatically change lives by revealing core beliefs that run your life.

Find out how suffering happens and, more importantly, how you can end it.

Suffering is ALL WAYS and ALWAYS your choice.

Full episode here

frustrated girl

7 Habits That Keep You Stuck

Ali Bierman reveals the 7 Habits That Keep You Stuck. She discovered those truths working with hundreds of people in person and connecting with 200,000 people online for 35 years.

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Happiness vs Suffering

What prevents you from knowing your True self - that part of you that lives in happiness and ease?

Suffering is optional. 

If you are miserable, if you are in pain - physical or emotional - the choice to suffer or not lies in your own hands.

Your thoughts create emotions that spark feelings. Your thoughts and feelings ALWAYS match.


Just because you have thought it and believed it for so long - just because those in your world believe it that does NOT make it true.

The stories you tell yourself keep you stuck. The stories running in your head cause your suffering.

How can suffering be a choice when you are in pain - physical pain or emotional pain? Ask yourself, “Are you the pain or are you the one observing the pain?

Your body does not hurt. Your feelings are not real - only Conscious Awareness experiences what you hear, see, taste, touch and smell.

So why do you feel like you suffer?

You believe your mind is you. Your mind keeps you in the past (where pain is constantly revisited) or in the future. It bypasses the only real moments of life - the now.

Most people spend about 5% of the day in the NOW. That means you live in your past or future 95% of the time

You don’t DO anything to be happy. You ARE happy. Your job is to remove the blocks you put up to experience your happiness.

This necklace is made of lignum vitae wood known as the Tribe of Life. It is the hardest, heaviest wood in the world long-lived and impervious to moisture and insects. This gift celebrates how I choose to live from after two traumatic brain injuries altered my life.

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- Suffering reveals false stories you tell yourself that you believe are fact.
- You stay stuck by suppressing those feelings and even the memories that      create thoughts, storing them in the file folders of your amazing computer mind.

File folders for each suppressed emotion fill across your life time - until you choose to take action to clear them out.

You can choose to live with pain Or you can choose to dissolve that pattern.

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Woman questioning who she is really

Who Am I Really?

 Most people, at midlife, begin their quest to find out who they are and why they are here.

Do you wonder what your life is all about?

Me too.

In fact I spent decades studying, asking questions, reading, taking courses - heck, I became an ordained metaphysical minister to deepen my search - you know, the one within.

It was pretty obvious I could never find me by looking outside of me. Nothing and no-one outside of me creates my life.

Same holds true for you.

Huh? Your outer world reflects your inner world and not the other way round. If that causes you to roll your eyes watch this video and then continue to the end of this post.

I highly recommend exploring these books to speed your journey to the True You. Click on each image to go directly to Amazon and grab your copy in hardcover, paperback or the Audible version. Personally I get both the print and the audio. listen over and over and over again Whaf I like aboout Audible is I click notes inside the audiobook.  I take written notes in the printed copy.

I have listened to the audiobooks about half a dozen times so far - which is why I finally "get" it on a level that I can share and guide you on your journey.

biocentrism book
the greatest secret book

What are you wondering? Ask. Let's talk and get clear. Imagine how you will feel when the frustrations and confusion live in the past - out of your awareness. Do you think you life will flow in a place of true happiness?

True happiness. Isn't that what you truly seek in life? Start now.

question mark

How and Why

Do you ever wonder why I do what I do the way I do it? 

Read on - and be sure you read all the way through to the end to find answers missing in your own life.

While working in crisis care as a psychotherapist in 1996, a very dangerous client attacked me leaving me with a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that forced me to go within.

The gift?

I always look for the gift in any situation. In fact, the psychologist at the brain rehab center told me that the only people he saw heal from TBIs were those who, like me, looked for and found the gift in the injury and all the life-changing aftermath.

I shared my story - which includes my healing - no, I did not get to be how and who I was before the event. Healing is accepting where you are in the present and moving forward from there.

Interestingly, as I shared what I discovered with others who felt stuck in many areas of life, I developed a fan base without even realizing it. People sought all kinds of advice to create their own healing. I saw the need for a regular system to communicate with all of them.

I announced my new newsletter, Getting Unstuck, and 100 people immediately signed up and started reading it - and asking me questions to which I replied. I created products to meet their needs and did many teleconference calls. Back then we did phone conferencing. There was no Zoom.

As you will soon learn - either by watching the video or listening to the audio, this episode of my podcast. Let's Get Metaphysical: Connecting Heart and Mind, describes, in detail, what happened for me (nothing happens to us but rather for us), specifically how the Universe contrived to move me out of the world that did not make sense to me and into one of service far more powerful than anything I learned in college and beyond studying and doing talk therapy for many decades.

I had ignored the whispers of the Universe so it got louder and louder until finally it yelled at me and took me out of that world kinda kicking and screaming - so to speak. As you will discover in this episode, I had no alternative but to go within. Doing so allowed me to discover who I really am. Ultimately that adventure led to my learning how to communicate directly with my Spirit, Guides, Angels AND the Universe.

I know, without doubt, I could not have healed without finding the world of energy practitioners. The sixteen mainstream medical people I saw (the workplace really did not want to lose my services and got me into see people including those with 3 month long waiting lists - only they rushed me in). Not one of them had anything to offer. 

They told me it was all in my head  - either indicating my brain was swollen and injured and they had no clue how to help OR they told me I was imagining my symptoms.

So you know, the nurse in charge of my case, after three long years of suffering, finally found the test that none of the experts ever ran when making their pronouncements of doom stated as, "This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it." That single test showed the part of my brain where the injury was still apparent and finally a protocol and specialist outside of mainstream medicine, became part of my routine.

However, what the developmental optometrist did showed some improvement and lots of hope as he knew what was wrong and how to help, but his program took forever to actually make a difference.

Thankfully, the UnIverse presented me with my intended (without my knowledge) soon to become my new field of expertise - energy healing. In this arena I would flourish first with my own healing and then by working with hundreds of people who also found no help in mainstream medicine.

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Ali saying affirmations work 100% of the time

Affirmations Work 100% of the Time

Affirmations work 100% of the time.

If you think yours don't you do not know how or what to say and when to say them. 

You say your affirmations exactly the way the "gurus" tell you to - only they don't work. There are many reasons why you think affirmations do not work for you. Today I will share one of the biggest reason they actually do work 100% of the time only not the ones you want to work.

Confused? The LIGHT will go on when you watch this video. Then, if you take the action inside the video you can choose to dial up the brightness of your LIGHT and discover the many reasons yours do not seem to work and what and how to speak your desires so they will happen for you.

Click here to change your life forever. Well, you can only change your life if you click and then take action to apply what you discover.

The choice is yours to act or keep feeling frustrated with your ho hum every day life.

thinking chimpanzee

I Am Not in the Universe

I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.

You are not in the Universe. The Universe is in you. 

The fact is that nothing exists outside of you. You create your world in your mind. Everybody does.

Wondering what the heck I am talking about? Watch the video to understand how you create your world in each moment.

This post is excerpted from Rev. Ali's Metaphysical Ministry International site - currently housed at the Let's Get Metaphysical Podcast site. To download her gift, Step in a New Direction  click here. Begin seeing your world from the perspective of creating reality as it actually happens and finally do it with awareness.

Continue to stumble through life blaming events, circumstances, and other people for your less than happy life OR Step In a New Direction NOW.

The choice is yours  - always has been and always will be.

positive vibes only image

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

People say think positive. They say your unhappiness reflects the negative thoughts you think.

But positive thoughts hurt even worse!

When you try to make yourself feel better by telling yourself to think positive - and then you try to do so - you wind up damaging yourself on a very deep level.

This short video will change the way you run your head, especially when you feel crummy or stuck - or suffer physically pr emotionally.

What do you think? When was the last time thinking positive served you? Leave a comment and let us know.

To Do List

Replace Your To Do List

I bet you have a to do list. Yes?

Do you plan to check off EVERYTHING on that list any time soon? Probably not.

There is a different kind of list that lets you get more done. Best part is, you will also accomplish more with less stress in the process.

Discover the secret is in this one minute video.

I have a limited number of openings for a 1:1 call - just you and me -  that will move you forward on that new list and make sense out of the puzzles in your life. Contact me for a spot.

Act quick before they are all gone.